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These rare embossed revenue stamps are the stamps required by the Stamp Act of 1765, and are often referred to as the stamps that caused the American Revolution. Fewer than 60 documents are recorded with contemporaneous uses of these revenue stamps. A small number of these revenue stamps exist off-document.
Almanac Stamps
The almanac stamps are only known to exist as proofs.



2p (RM15) 



Plate Number Block of 6

4p (RM16)


               8p (RM17)

Pamphlets and Newspaper Stamps
Four colonial newspapers were published used 1/2p stamped paper; however, the surviving copies of these newspapers are all institutionally held.  The 1p and 2p stamps are known only as proofs.

1/2p (RM18)

Unused Stamp


1p (RM19)














2p (RM20)

General Issue




3p (RM24)













4p (RM25)


6p (RM26)

1 sh (RM27)

Full Document

1sh6p (RM28)

Full Document













2sh (RM 29)

2sh3p (RM30)

Full Document

2sh6p(RM31) cut square

Full Document

4sh (RM32)

5sh (RM33) 

10sh (RM34)