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AQ Lettersheets, First Provisional Issue
(name of "Dacier")
Sebastian Prouaglio Dacier, 7 lines of text (1608-1610)
Sebastian Prouaglio Dacier, REGOLATIONE at top (1611)
Sebastian Prouaglio Dacier, 8 lines of text, lion facing right (1610-1613)

Sebastian Prouaglio Dacier, lion facing left (1610-1613)
Gierolamo Prouaglio Dacier, name at bottom (1613-1616). 
Gierolamo Prouaglio Dacier, name below text at left (1613-1616)
Gierolamo Prouaglio Dacier, name below text at right (1613-1616)
Gabriel Coradin Dacier (1614-1617).