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Lanman & Kemp Correspondence from Argentina


British Mails

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 27, 1860, departed Buenos Aires October 30, per Royal Mail Steam Packet Mersey branch packet, connecting in Rio de Janeiro with Royal Mail Steam Packet Tyne which departed November 8, arrived Southampton December 3, London December 4, 1860 transit marking, per North Atlantic Steamship Co., Atlantic (last return voyage of the line), departed Cowes Dec. 5, arrived New York December 19, "NEW YORK AM. PKT. DEC 19" exchange office marking, rated 33¢ due, manuscript “12" credit to Great Britain (6d), 21¢ retained by United States.


Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 26, 1862, A. Demarchi Y Hermanos sender’s marking, indistinct Buenos Aires backstamp, per Royal Mail Steam Packet Mersey branch packet departing Buenos Aires October 28, connecting in Rio de Janeiro with Royal Mail Steam Packet Oneida which departed Rio de Janeiro November 8, and arrived Southampton December 2, London December 3, 1862 transit marking, 24 cents London debit to United States for transit fees from Argentina, carried per Inman line Edinburgh departed Queenstown December 3 and arrived New York December 20, rated 45 cents due (37 marking is London Inland Office marking voiding an erroneous marking).

Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 26, 1868, per Royal Mail Steam Packet Arno branch packet departing Buenos Ayres August 26, connecting in Rio de Janeiro with Royal Mail Steam Packet Danube, which departed Rio de Janeiro September 9, and arrived Southampton October 5,  London October 5, 1868 transit marking, 32 cent Great Britain debit to the United States for 24 cent transit fees from Argentina, plus 8 cents transatlantic postage, per North German Lloyd Rhein, which departed Southampton October 6, and arrived New York on October 17 (The Rhein should have been treated as US ocean transit), rated 48¢ due in depreciated currency (34¢ converted to 43¢ in notes, plus 5 cent unpaid letter fee).

Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 14, 1870, per Royal Mail Steam Packet Douro departed Buenos Aires May 15, and arrived Southampton Jun 14, London June 14, 1870 transit marking, per Cunard Line Samaria, which departed Queenstown June 15, and arrived Boston June 27, forwarded by closed bag to New York arriving June 27, 26 cent Great Britain debit to United States, rated 28¢ due, converted to 31¢ depreciated currency.


French Mail

Buenos Ayres, April 30, 1870, Buenos Ayres Paq. Fr. J No. 3 French Mail marking, per Ligne J Paquebot Amazone, Paris May 28, 1870 transit, French 2F 20C accountancy mark, London May 30, 1870 transit, likely via Cunard Scotia, rated 20 cents due, 16 cent credit to UK.


British Mail Connecting With 

United States And Brazil Mail Steamship Co.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 14, 1873, per Royal Mail Steam Packet Neva, manuscript 4d British debit to the United States, departed Buenos Aires September 14 and arrived Rio de Janeiro September 23, transferred to United States and Brazil Mail Steamship Co. South America which departed Rio de Janeiro September 25 and arrived New York October 21 (NY datestamp error “Aug” instead of “Oct”) due 18¢ converted to 19¢ depreciated currency.

French Mail Connecting With 

United States And Brazil Mail Steamship Co.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 12, 1868, Buenos Aires Paq. Fr. K French Mail marking, per Ligne K Paquebot Aunis, departed Buenos Ayres November 12, transferred in Rio de Janeiro to United States and Brazil Mail Steamship Co. Merrimack, which departed Rio de Janeiro November 25 and arrived New York December 23, double weight letter indicated by manuscript ”2" rated 25¢ due (18¢ per 1/4 oz, 25¢ per ½ oz.).