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Lanman & Kemp billhead dated January 27, 1865, receipt for 1 dozen bottles of Florida Water.  As a receipt for the payment of money, it should have been taxed 2¢.  It may have been improperly treated as the payment of a debt less than $20, which was not subject to tax, or maybe part of the document with the stamp was clipped off.

Lanman & Kemp billhead dated March 14, 1865, listing the contents of a shipment by the Bark Glenwood to Vera Cruz.  The bill of lading, with tax stamp, is here

Lanman & Kemp, November 1, 1872 receipt for $1,393.84 in gold. 
The tax on receipts ended on October 1, 1870. 

Lanman & Kemp, April 4, 1874, memorandum of sale for merchandise. 

Lanman & Kemp, September 15, 1883 receipt for the purchase of one case of tonic for $21.63.