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Lanman & Kemp Correspondence from Brazil


British Mail: Royal Mail Steam Packet Company

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 8, 1864, endorsed “per Oneida RMSS” via Royal Mail Steam Packet Oneida, departed Rio de Janiero November 9, arrived Southampton December 2,  indistince date London transit, then per Cunard Cuba, which departed Liverpool December 3, 1864, arrived New York December 20, rated 45 cents, 40 cents GB debit to United States, due 95 cents US Notes.

Pernambuco, Brazil, May 28, 1870, per Royal Mail Steam Packet Douro which departed Pernambuco May 28, arrived Southampton June 14, London June 14, 1870 transit, then per Cunard Samaria which departed Queenstown June 15, and arrived New York June 26, 26¢ Great Britain debit to United States rated 28¢ due converted to 31 cents due depreciated currency.


British Mail: Tait & Company

Rio Grande, Brazil, October 20, 1869, Rio de Janeiro Nov 25, 1869 transit, per London, Belgium, Brazil, & River Plate Royal Mail SS Co. (Tait & Co.) City of Rio de Janeiro, departed Rio de Janeiro November 29, arrived Falmouth December 20, Bresil Calais December 23 (mails from Brazil arriving by Great Britain packet at Calais), then to Queenstown per Cunard Line Java which departed December 26, arriving New York January 6 (January 5 New York postmark in error), rated 30¢ due, 27¢ debit marking to France comprised of 21¢ cents via French mail to France including British transit charge, plus 6¢ transatlantic, plus 3 cents United States inland postage, converted to 36¢ cents United States Notes.

British Mail: Pacific Steam Navigation Co. 

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, July 27, 1871 dateline, endorsed per Cassini for carriage to Rio de Janeiro August 9, 1871 transit marking, and Rio de Janeiro August 17, 1871 British Consular post office transit marking, per Pacific Steam Navigation Co. Magellan which departed Rio de Janeiro August 19,  arrived Liverpool September 12, London September 12, 1871 transit, Great Britain debit to United States of 26¢s (24¢ [1/-] packet + 2 cent transit) per Cunard Line Abysinnia departed Liverpool September 12, arrived New York September 23, rated 28¢ due converted to 31 cents depreciated currency.

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, July 15, 1872 dateline, Rio de Janeiro July 26, 1872 transit marking and August 1, 1872 British Consular post office transit marking, per Pacific Steam Navigation Co. Garonne, departed Rio de Janeiro August 3, arrived Liverpool August 25, indistinct date London transit, Great Britain debit to United States of 26¢ (24¢ [1/-] packet + 2 cent transit) per Cunard Line Abysinnia departed Queenstown August 28, arrived New York September 7, rated 28¢  due converted to 31¢ depreciated currency.


French Mails

Pernambuco, Brazil, January 30, 1866, per Ligne du Bresil Paquebot Navarre, departed Pernambuco January 30, arrived Bordeaux February 17, February 18, 1866 Bresil Bordeaux transit marking, French debit to United States of 21¢, routed through Southampton then per Hamburg America Line SS Borussia, departed Southampton February 21, arrived New York March 8, rated 30¢ due, converted to 39¢ due depreciated currency.

Pernambuco, Brazil, May 30, 1866, via French mails Ligne J paquebot Guienne to St. Nazaire, June 18, 1866, Bresil Bordeaux transit, per North German Lloyd Bremen, departed Southampton June 20, 1866, arrived New York July 2, 1866 "N.Y. AM. PKT. JUL 2 30 OR 45 U.S. NOTES" depreciated currency exchange office marking, 21 cent debit to France.


United States And Brazil Mail Steamship Co.

Pernambuco, Brazil, October 1, 1870, franked with 200r stamp, per United States and Brazil Mail Steamship Company South America, arrives New York, October 20, 1870, N.Y. Steamship 10 October 21 marking.


Other Routes

Maranham, Brazil, December 14, 1861, manuscript “per Olivia” most likely carried by merchant ship to a location where the letter was transferred to New York bound steamship (most likely Cuba, or possibly St. Thomas or Aspinwall) New York "STEAMSHIP 10" rated 10¢ due for distance under 2,500 miles.

Pernambuco, Brazil, June 1, 1876 dateline, consignee letter containing bill of lading for bag of wax, per Star Ball Line steamer Newton, arrived New York June 21, 1876, rated 3¢ due as an unpaid letter.