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Lanman & Kemp Correspondence from Cuba


Cuba is the most frequently encountered country of origin for Lanman & Kemp correspondence, no doubt due to Lanman & Kemp's extensive business dealings in Cuba.  Over the years, there were multiple mail routes between Cuba and the United States. 


Havana - Charleston, SC Steamship Route

Havana, June 21, 1853, per Isabel Havana to Charleston, South Carolina steamship route. Departed Havana, June 22, arrived Charleston June 24.  Charleston, SC June 25, 1853, datestamp, rated 10 cents due for distance less than 2,500 miles.

Remedios, Sept 15, 1853, 1½ real inland postage to Havana, per Eclipse (pilot schooner) on Havana to Charleston, South Carolina steamship route, during period steamer Isabel was in New York for scheduled overhaul.  Departed Havana September 27, arrived Charleston October 3, 1853, rated 10¢ due for distance less than 2,500 miles.


New Orleans - Havana - New York Steamship Route

Villaclara, Cuba, July 28, 1861, per Havana to New York steamship, rated "STEAMSHIP 10" due at New York, for distance less than 2,500 miles.



Manzanilla, July 12, 1862, ½ real 1857 blue pays internal Cuban postage to port (likely Havana). Rated 10¢ due due as incoming steamship letter.

Matanzas, Cuba, December 2, 1870, per Havana to New York steamship, small NY Steamship marking with indistinct date, rated 10¢ due incoming steampship rate regardless of distance.

Havana, April 17, 1875, per City of New York, Havana to New York steamship.  “New York Apr. 21 Due 10 US Currency” rated 10¢ due regardless of distance as incoming steamship letter.

Havana, January 31, 1861, Luis Le Riverend Habana, senders marking on back, per Havana to New Orleans steamship, sent under cover to A Gehin & Co. New Orleans forwarder.  A. Gehin & Co. applied its forwarder marking, and affixed a 3¢ 1857 stamp to pay the domesic postage to New York.  Feb. 6 1861 New Orleans LA datestamp,  United States postage stamp used in Confederate States of America, (Louisiana joined CSA on February 4 1861).

Havana Cuba, February 15, 1861, printed circular, per Havana to New York steamship.  Rated 2¢ due (New York 25 mm. "2" due marking) unpaid steamship printed matter.


St. Jago de Cuba - Bermuda - New York Steamship Route

Santiago de Cuba, June 18, 1866, endorsed "per Fah Kee" loose letter delivered to ship purser with Fah Kee purser's marking on back, per St. Jago - Bermuda - New York steamship route, and rated "Steamship 10" due in New York.

Santiago de Cuba, December 15, 1866, loose letter delivered to purser on Steamship Fah Kee with Fah Kee pursers marking on back, carried from San Jago to New York via Bermuda, rated NY Steamship 10 due.

Santiago de Cuba, February 23, 1867, endorsed "per Fah Kee" loose letter delivered to ship purser with Fah Kee purser's marking on back, per St. Jago - Bermuda - New York steamship route, and rated "Steamship 10" due in New York. 


Havana - Baltimore, Maryland Steamship Route

Havana August 18, 1869, per Liberty of the Baltimore and Havana Steamship Company, "BALTIMORE Am. Pkt. Aug 23" rated 10¢ due incoming steamship rate regardless of distance.

Ship Letters

Havana, August 20, 1859, ship letter rated due 6¢ for ship letter addressed to the port city.

 Trinidad, Cuba, August 18, 1868, Fritze & Co senders cachet, Busing & Co. Havana forwarding agent August 20, 1868, by private ship Juniata from New Orleans via Havana to Philadelphia August 25, 1868 Steamship 10.