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Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper 
Embossed revenue stamped paper predates the use of adhesive revenue or postage stamps.  Great Britain issued its first embossed revenue stamped paper (referred to in Great Britain as "impressed duty stamps") in 1694.  The first use in what is now the United States was in the Colony of Massachusetts in 1757.  Colonial New York soon followed Massachusetts' lead.  In 1765, Great Britain enacted the Stamp Act, which imposed taxation without representation upon the Americas.  The Stamp Act was short lived due to the protests of the founding fathers.  The First Federal Issue of embossed revenue stamped paper was used between 1798 and 1801.  The Second Federal Issue followed in 1801 and 1802, and the Third Federal Issue from 1814 to 1817.  The United States used embossed revenue stamped paper to collect taxes on wine and spirits at various times between 1794 and 1813.  Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland also issued embossed revenue stamped paper at various times after the Revolutionary War.  Finally, a related subject is embossed Supervisor's and Customs House Seals. 
Massachusetts Colonial revenues issued 1755-57
New York Colonial Revenues issued 1757-60
Great Britain revenues issued for use in the Americas pursuant to the Stamp Act of 1765.

First Federal Issue revenues, issued in various denominations for the 16 states.




Second Federal Issue Revenues



Third Federal Issue revenues



  State Revenues


Issued 1813 -1816


Maryland State Revenues

Authorized 1818-1819


 Maryland State Revenues

Issued 1845-1856

 Federal Liquor Revenue Stamps (1794-1817) 
Supervisors' and Customs House Seals