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Little is known about the Dr. Gounod essay. The information on the essay indicates that Emile J. Gounod produced Elixir de Sandaline, Hair Life of Sandaline, Lotion de Sandaline, and Eau de Cologne de Sandaline. Gounod advertized offices in New York and Paris. Dr. Gounod was only listed in the New York City directory in 1880, with an address of 5 W. 14th St.  The essay was prepared by the American Banknote Company in early 1879.

Dr. Gounod Die Essay



Dr. Gounod plate essay

This trade card has been trimmed at top and bottom, cutting off the label "DR. GOUNOD'S HACIENDA" at top and "LABORATORY, EAST INDIES" at bottom.  The card illustrates the production of Sandaline.