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Lanman & Kemp 
Lanman & Kemp has been in the wholesale and retail drug business since 1808. During the Civil War, and the Spanish-American War, Lanman & Kemp used nearly every type of revenue stamp, including provisional cancels on government revenue stamps, private die proprietary stamps, and revenue stamped paper. After the repeal of the proprietary stamps, Lanman & Kemp began using a facsimile version of their private die proprietary stamp on their products. They continue to use their facsimile labels to this day. 

Lanman & Kemp's private die proprietary stamps were not engraved until 1874, prior to that date, they made provisional use of the general issue proprietary stamps.  Lanman & Kemp's handstamp cancels are also known on documentary stamps.  Lanman & Kemp documents, some with documentary stamps, include checks, billheads, bills of lading, and powers of attorney

Lanman & Kemp's 1¢ and 3¢ private die proprietary stamps were engraved in 1874.  The unique models from the Butler & Carpenter archive, were approved by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.  The 2¢ stamp was issued in 1877.  Proof impressions are known in the issued colors, and trial colors.  The stamps were issued on silk, pink, and watermarked paper.  The internal revenue laws required the stamps to be affixed to the product so that the stamps would be torn in opening the product.

Following the repeal of the Civil War proprietary tax, Lanman & Kemp used facsimile labels on their products.  They continue to use facsimile labels today.

During the Spanish-American War, Lanman & Kemp again used private die proprietary stamps.  Only one proof impression is recorded for the Spanish-American War stamps.  The stamps were issued with both hyphen hole and roulette separation.  Lanman & Kemp used a variety of precancelations on their private die proprietary stamps. 

Lanman & Kemp used several varieties of revenue stamped paper.  Lanman & Kemp check are known with imprint Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E, Type F, Type G, and Type L .

Lanman & Kemp issued a large number of Victorian Trade Cards.  Lanman & Kemp used many custom designed cards, prepared exclusively for their use.  They also used stock designs that used by several companies.  Lanman & Kemp also issued a number of advertising booklets.