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First Federal Issue: New Jersey
New Jersey First Federal Issue revenues are rare.  New Jersey is one of the three least common states of origin.  Only the denominations through 50¢, and a single copy of the $10 value have been recorded.






July 25, 1800, promissory note in the amount of $445.  Taxed 10¢ (RM137) as a note above $100 and not exceeding $500 payable within 60 days.  Note issued by George Clymer, signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

October 5, 1799, promissory note in the amount of 11 pounds, 16 shillings, 11 penny.  Taxed 10¢ (RM137) as a note above $20 and not exceeding $100 payable in more than 60 days.  The borrower's signature has been torn away to cancel the note.

August 20, 1799, estate inventory of Andrew Heath of Amwell, Hunterdon County.  Taxed 50¢ (RM141) as an inventory required by law.