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Butler, Carpenter & Co. prepared a private die stamp for Bennett Pieters & Co. of Chicago, Illinois in early 1864.  At the time, the company's Red Jacket Stomach Bitters apparently retailed for $1.00 per bottle, requiring a 4¢ stamp. 

 Bennett Pieters & Co. Essay

Around this time, the retail price of Red Jacket Stomach Bitters was increased to $1.50 per bottle, requiring a 6¢stamp.  Additionally, Mr. Pieters was not satisfied with his likeness on the essay.  Accordingly, the essay was modified to change the value to 6¢, and the vignette of Mr. Pieters was replaced with a slightly larger vignette, facing left instead of right.

Bennett Pieters & Co. 6¢ Stamp

In the fall of 1865, the price of Red Jacket Stomach Bitters was lowered back to $1.00 per bottle.  Instead of changing the value on the issued stamp back to 4¢, Bennett Pieters and Co. had a new 4¢ stamp engraved. 

Bennett Pieters & Co. 4¢ Stamp