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J.B. Rose & Co. had a private die proprietary stamp prepared in April 1872.  The essay submitted to Mr. Rose for approval pictured an older, bearded centaur.  Mr. Rose requested that the die be modified, stating "leave off the beard, more hair on top of head."  These changes were reflected in the issued stamp.
J.B. Rose & Co. Essay and Issued Stamp
Detail of Vignette from Essay (left) and Issued Stamp (right)


By the fall of 1877, Demas Barnes, Charles Fletcher, and Demas Barnes Dewey formed the Centaur Company, which modified the J. B. Rose die to produce its own private die proprietary stamps.  After the death of Demas Barnes in 1888, Charles H. Fletcher gained complete control over the Centaur Company and discontinued production of the Centaur Liniment and concentrated on the production of Fletcher’s Castoria.

Centaur Bank facsimile currency advertising Centaur Liniment.  The advertising currency notes that the White Liniminent is for family use while the yellow liniment is for horses and animals.  The note is signed by Chiron, the centaur known for his knowledge of medicine, and Esculapius, the Greek god of medicine.