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Lanman & Kemp Correspondence from Uruguay


British Mails: Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.

Montevideo, Uruguay, February 29, 1860, Montevideo Correos 2 March marking, per Royal Mail Steam Packet branch packet Mersey departing Montevideo March 2, connecting to Royal Mail Steam Packet Tyne at Rio de Janeiro March 10, arrived Southampton April 3, London April 3, 1860 transit, per Havre Line Arago arrived "NEW - YORK AM. PKT. APR 19" exchange office marking, rated 33 cents due.

Montevideo, Uruguay, April 29, 1866, per Royal Mail Steam Packet branch packet Arno, departed Montevideo April 29 connected to Royal Mail Steam Packet Rhone at Rio de Janeiro, May 9, arrived Southampton May 30, London May 31, 1866 transit, 21 cent debit applied in error and struck out with pen stroke, rerated 40 cent debit (24 cents Uruguay to Great Britain + 16 cents sea postage) per Cunard line Scotia departed Liverpool June 2, "NEW YORK BR. PKT. JUN 12 45 61 U.S. NOTES" depreciated currency exchange office marking.

Montevideo, April 16, 1876 Montevideo, origin postmark, 10 centesimos blue green (Scott 31a) pays local fees, per Royal Mail Steam Packet Neva departed Montevideo April 17, and arrived Southampton May 16, London, May 16 transit, then per North German Lloyd Main to New York. Rated 110 centimes (22¢) from Uruguay to New York, plus double 5¢ unplaid letter fee for total of 35¢ US notes.

British Mails: Pacific Steam Navigation Co.

Montevideo, Uruguay, January 15, 1873, Rio de Janeiro January 20, 1873 arriving transit, Rio de Janeiro February 1, 1873 dispatch transit, via Pacific Steam Navigation Co. Lusitania, rare “Liverpool PS Packet”, February 25, 1873 transit, per HAPAG Westphalia "NEW YORK 31 U.S. NOTES"  treaty rate of 28¢, 26¢ credit to Great Britain.


French Mails

Montevideo, 17 January 1862, endorsed "per Royal Mail Steam Packet" but actually sent by French mails per Ligne Annexe de la Plata steamer Saintonge to Rio de Janiero connecting to Ligne du Bresil steamer Guienne to Bordeux, Paris, February 20, 1862 transit, then per Cunard Line Canada to Boston then by closed bag to New York March 8, 1862, rated 30 cents due.

Montevideo, Uruguay, March 31, 1871, Correo Montevideo postmark, via French mail Ligne J Gironde to Bordeaux, French 2F 20C accountancy mark, London May 1, 1871 transit, via NGL Main, black New York May receiver with indistinct date, rated 33 cents, 28 cent credit to UK (rate breakdown 2 franc 20 centime per ounce bulk rate, letter is double 1/4 ounce at 55 centimes per 1/4 ounce rate = 5.5 pence rounded up to 6 pence per rate = 1 shilling = 24¢, plus 1d = 2 cents Great Britain transit and 1d = 2 cents for sea postage = 28 cent credit to Great Britain + 2¢ United States inland = 30¢ total or 33¢ in depreciated currency.

Montevideo, October 27, 1875, origin postmark, and Montevideo Paq. Fr. Ligne J. October 28 transit, 10 centesimos blue green (Scott 31a) pays local fees, per Ligne J Gironde arrived Bordeaux November 24,  Paris November 26 transit, then via London and Queenstown by closed bag to Cunard Line to New York. Rated due 30 comprised of 24¢ from Uruguay to New York by French treaty, plus 5¢ due for unpaid letter = 29¢ converted to 30¢ US notes.

French Mail Connecting With

United States And Brazil Mail Steamship Co.

Montevideo, Uruguay, November 14, 1866, Edmd Barthold & Co Montevideo stamp, endorsed per steamer francais, most likely French Ligne K, Carmel, departing Montevideo November 15, 1866, E.J. Albert & Co. Rio de Janerio forwarding stamp, enters the mails Rio de Janeiro 24 November, 1866, (possibly a French Ligne K marking), placed on United States and Brazil Mail Steamship Co North American, departed Rio de Janeiro November 25, 1866, arrived New York December 22, 1866 New York "STEAMSHIP 20" marking, double 10¢ incoming steamship rate, regardless of distance.